Manage Your Retail Business with Peptask!

The Peptask app is the perfect solution for managing your frontline staff.

Manage Your Retail Business with Peptask!
Peptask software solution is the perfect application for managing your frontline staff.

Gather Your Retail Teams In The Same App With One Click!

Set up recurring shifts and keep track of employee tasks. Get live feedback when location, notes and media files attachments are uploaded.

Easily Customize to Fit Your Retail Stores

Track employee working hours and speed up time management. Our time clock application is extremely user friendly, it takes seconds for employees to log in and one click for administrators to export their time sheets.

Online Checklists and Forms for Retail Employees

Automate daily processes and procedures. Get live updates in one click. Continuously monitor what is causing the stock shortage and identify problem stores. Use Peptask’s checklists to launch your next promotion or product initiative faster and get better results. Conduct regular on-site inspections to ensure consistent quality and increase brand awareness across all stores.

Job Announcements, Chat and Employee Statistics

Reach out to each employee via our private chat or communicate via group updates.Make sure your team is aligned and send and easily share an invitation code to incorporate valuable information into new employees.

Increase your productivity by seeing individual employee statistics of your team.