Manage Your Hotel Staff with Peptask!

Keep track of your employees in a simple way with easy staff scheduling, Online mobile checklists and forms.

Manage Your Hotel Staff in the Best Way with Peptask!
Peptask's hotel app is the perfect solution to manage your hospitality business.

Simplify Your Daily Business Operations, Increase Your Efficiency!

You can put your worries aside by having the employees keep track of the time from the hotel. Peptask simplifies work and time management and helps increase the quality of service you provide to your customers.

Track your staff’s working hours in a simple way, manage their requests, save time in this process, so you can handle everything from a single screen when employees are only physically at work.

Employee Communication and Training

Reach out to each employee in private chat or communicate via group updates. Keep new employees on the same page, easily share valuable information. Save time by giving a short training to your employees with Peptask, which is very simple to use.

Online Checklists, Forms and Reports