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What Does a Technical Service Person Do?
If the technical service staff does not use a technical service software, he has to deal with many things other than his main job and make many phone calls. Operation of technical services in different locations may cause communication problems.

Why should you use Peptask for repair and technical service management?
One of the biggest needs of the companies providing service is the follow-up of the defective device from the time it enters the service. In order for the teams to do their work in the most accurate and shortest time, they need to have a good grasp of all the details. It is very difficult to follow the team members who do not work at a desk, such as technical service, to do different tasks in different places. You can manage all the details in technical service processes, such as assembly, fault repair, product installation, anytime and anywhere. It allows you to increase productivity and detect disruptions in technical service for your business. It is as important as using Peptask to enter and follow the relevant tasks correctly. By following the current status of the technical service team and standardizing your business process, you prevent time and energy loss. Thanks to the updated tasks, you can provide a better service to the customer and better guide the technical service team. You can save your repetitive tasks as templates and quickly assign tasks.

With Peptask, ensure that all technical service team authorized in your business can access their tasks whenever and wherever they want!
These solutions, which facilitate communication between technical service employees, enable your business to use both workforce and time efficiently. If a common business area where they can view all the details is provided and the technical service team follows their duties step by step, you will manage your operations more efficiently. You can manage your branches in different regions from a single center, assign your technical service employees and do your time management very well. In short, Peptask helps you to carry out an operation where you can clearly state your duties and responsibilities. Don’t forget to check out our other articles for more information about Peptask!

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What Does a Technical Service Person Do?If the technical service staff does not use a technical service software, he has to deal with many things

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