Construction site inspection application

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Manage Field Team Tasks with Software Solutions Peptask!

Your construction teammates working in different locations can cause some communication problems. In order to manage complex construction site conditions, it is necessary to manage time correctly. The authorized person cannot dominate the whole field, if one of the parts is on one side of the project, the other may be in a warehouse, so tasks can often be disrupted.

Peptask helps you digitize your processes instead of pen and paper.

Peptask software offers you the opportunity to manage and monitor your field teams and your construction site online. Persons in charge within the company, on the construction site, or on a project basis are gathered under the same roof. If we give an example; The authorized person determines the tasks and everyone at the construction site can see it at the same time and provide management to the whole team. After completing their tasks, employees take notes on the application by uploading photos and documents to the application. Thus, you do not waste time, even gain extra time and increase your productivity.

The construction industry is one of the most difficult industries to measure labor productivity. With Peptask, you can both get the maximum benefit from workforce productivity and measure productivity. It is possible with peptask to see the statistics of your field teams one by one, to understand who works how much, and most importantly to increase your productivity.

Process management
Process management covers all processes of a company from end to end and tries to find the most effective and ideal versions of these processes. Since it is a comprehensive study, it affects a wide area and therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to some issues in order to make effective process management.
If we touch on the Process Management stages, we can see that it is connected with Peptask.

Planning and analysis
In order to carry out process management, first of all, it is necessary to know the existing processes in a company and the relations between these processes. During the planning and analysis, which is the first stage of process management, the existing processes of the company are examined in detail, and the expected outputs and basic performance indicators are determined by taking the opinions of the employees working in these processes. For the processes in the company, answers are sought for questions such as “what is being done”, “how is it done”, “why is it done” and “what kind of roles does which department play in the processes”.
You can do all of these in Peptask. Making the right choice of the application to be used also positively changes the course of process management. The inclusion of options that pave the way for digital transformation, such as the correct tracking and management of your employees’ tasks, makes process management more comfortable.

Fix, optimization and improvement
In the light of the data revealed as a result of the monitoring and evaluation phase of Peptask, solutions are produced at this stage for the problems observed in process management. In order for the process management to provide the expected outputs, changes and arrangements are made in the processes in accordance with these solutions.
Since construction companies are living processes and systems, the monitoring and evaluation phase and the correction, optimization and improvement phase can be considered as the ongoing phases of the process management in a cyclical manner.

What are the Benefits of Peptask in Process Management?
Peptask provides significant benefits to companies when applied correctly and carefully without skipping any steps.

Increases efficiency and agility.
Good process management prepares the environment for business rules and processes to be monitored and optimized at all times. Accordingly, the sources of pauses and delays in processes can be quickly identified and easily resolved. At the same time, it is ensured that the company can adapt its processes to innovations in a fast and agile manner in constantly changing dynamic markets.

It increases employee motivation while reducing error.
While Peptask reduces errors, employees are supported to use their efforts and energies more efficiently. At the same time, you can make both the employee and the customer happy and increase the quality of your work.
In short, it is now easier to reduce your mistakes and achieve high efficiency in your companies with Peptask!

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